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the ground  boots on the ground but no guns. . We never treated the drinking water we ladled from lakes and rivers. But before you see it for yourself in my 90-second slideshow from our trip to Norway, much of it above the Arctic Circle, allow me first a bit of America-bashing. Innhold skal ha særskilt relevans til Norge. 59 comments 56 Upvoted, this thread is archived, new comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Nakenbilder av hundrevis: Norske nakenbilder påt pulebilder

In the Arctic, Ruth and I also find confirmation proof that the sun indeed will never set; that Willow Ptarmigans utter the craziest song Ive heard in nature; that a cloudberry, which looks like a corpulent orange raspberry, tastes like an apricot-mango smoothie; that the planet. In the Arctic there are no hiding places. Brudd på norsk lov. Common Teal, tufted Duck, common Eider, common Goldeneye. Mountain Fritillary butterflies flash orange and float over an ankle-high orchard of slaty crowberries, red lingonberries and orange cloudberries. Walking all day does that for you. Imagine the outrage, Ruth says, if we had to treat the air we breathed. You know, I warned the guy in the Toyota, American politicians like to invade countries for oil. No bombs in this invasion, however. Great Spotted Woodpecker Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Barn Swallow House Martin Meadow Pipit Tree Pipit White Wagtail Yellow Wagtail Grey Wagtail White-throated Dipper Robin Thrush Nightingale Bluethroat Restart Wheatear Whinchat Redwing Fieldfare Blackbird Ring Ouzel Willow Warbler Chiffchaff Goldcrest Spotted Flycatcher Pied Flycatcher Great Tit Blue. Here are two things I foolishly packed for this trip: a headlamp and water treatment. Most swingers trondheim eksotisk massasje oslo everyone does it here in the. Our breakfast at a hotel in Bodø, Norway (north of the Arctic Circle) sliced meats and seedy breads, eggs and sausage, fresh fruit and elegant cheeses, even caviar reminded me of how weve ruined and cheapened breakfast here in the. Wed start by wrecking breakfast. And wed even get salmon lots of salmon. Heres your slideshow: And heres my bird list from Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Grey Heron, white-tailed Eagle, red Kite, common Buzzard. Wait, make that three things: I packed extra batteries for the headlamp. Kun godkjente medlemmer som er sjekket manuelt. A high camp in Norway at 1:30AM. Mute Swan, greylag Goose, barnacle Goose, mallard. Back home now, everyone asks if it was hard to sleep outside in the 24-hour light. Great Skua Parasitc Jaeger (Arctic Skua) Black-headed Gull Common Gull Herring Gull Lesser Black-backed Gull Black-legged Kittiwake Common Tern Arctic Tern Atlantic Puffin Black Guillemot Common Murre (Guillemot) Razorbill Rock Dove Wood Pigeon Common Swift Black Woodpecker Green Woodpecker. Unngå redigering av titler. We would trash the place. Jeg godtar å motta informasjon og kampanjer via epost fra operatørene av denne nettsiden. Sort by, comment deleted, comment deleted, comment deleted, comment deleted, comment deleted, community Details 513, online, et reddit på norsk for norske redditører og norske saker. Ikke post personlig informasjon. And what a contrast to home. Ruth and I are giants walking among these low plants and northern animals. Little Grebe, great Crested Grebe, northern Fulmar, sooty Shearwater. No one does that in Norway. (Food prices in Norway are off the charts we ate lots of peanut butter, cheese, salami, crackers and oatmeal; we saved our money to splurge on smoked salmon.) Much of Norways prosperity, of course, comes from North Sea petroleum reserves. Lets invade someplace with cloudberries, Willow Ptarmigans, fjords and the best water youve ever tasted.

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